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Dr. Aaron Liu

Dr Liu’s parents immigrated to Canada in the 1970s and worked hard to provide a good education for him and his brother. Little did they know at the time that he would become the fine dentist he is today. Dr Liu loves working dynamically with his hands and is passionate about dentistry as an art form.


Dr. Liu has been practicing dentistry for seven years. After graduating from University of Manitoba with a Doctor of Dental Medicine and General Dentist Residency qualifications, Dr Liu moved to Calgary and has been living and working here, honing his skills ever since.

Personal Life

Dr Liu was raised in Winnipeg and the prairies were all he knew; having completed his  education there and as such Winnipeg remains close to his heart. In his spare time he likes doing resistance training at the gym to help supplement his hobbies of jiu jitsu and hot yoga.

Whenever the weather is nice he enjoys leisurely adventurous walks and exploring Calgary’s culinary culture with his girlfriend.

Membership and Volunteer Work

Dr Liu is an active member of DENtalks, a professional network of information-sharing dentists operating in Calgary. When time permits, he enjoys visiting his local daycare, teaching children about good dental health and how to better help their parents.